Hi, I'm Shadaj

I like to code

Shadaj loves to program. He is fluent in many programming languages, with Scala being his favorite for its combination of functional and object-oriented concepts. Shadaj hosts his projects on GitHub, and has a channel on YouTube. He has presented at OSCON 2014, Scala Days (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), Scala By the Bay, and the Bay Area Scala Enthusiast group showing his Scala projects. Besides programming, he enjoys math and participates in science research competitions. Shadaj is currently the VP of Software Engineering of Lynbrook Robotics. He has interned at Khan Academy, Coursera, and Paya Labs working with technologies such as React.js, Play! Framework, and Scala.js to develop educational platforms. In addition, he is also an active member of his school community and has been Student Body President. Shadaj loves spreading his love of technology and started TechTalks — a program that brings guest speakers to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students at his school. He also volunteers to teach programming to kids through non-profit organizations. When not doing his school work or programming he plays the sitar, an Indian classical instrument and volunteers at a local non-profit music organization.

I love to speak

Scala Days 2015

Scala: Power and Versatility

Scala By the Bay 2015

Scala: Power and Versatility

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Scala: Power and Versatility

JavaOne Kids Day 2015

Zero to Fractals in 2 Hours

Silicon Valley Code Camp Kids Day 2015

Zero to Fractals in 75 Minutes

OSCON 2014 Keynote

The Wonders of Programming

OSCON 2015 Kids Day

Zero to Fractals in 2 Hours

Scala Days 2016

Scala on the Move!

Scala Days 2013

Fun Programming in Scala: Games, Algorithms, and Apps

Scala Days 2014

Serious Fun with Scala

Scala Days 2012

Making Games and Solving Puzzles in Scala

I've interned at a few companies

Software Engineering Intern

June 2016 - August 2016

  • Developed new student interfaces for graphing problems on mobile devices with React.js
  • Implemented a mobile-first content editor with in-browser touch simulation used by all Khan Academy content creators
  • Improved user interface of React.js math touchpad for numeric inputs on mobile devices

Software Engineering Intern

July 2014 - August 2014

  • Rewrote the User APIs using Naptime, Coursera’s library for writing REST APIs
  • Developed with Scala.js an internal API Explorer to quickly view documentation about Coursera’s REST APIs and make requests
  • Built AutoSchema, an open-source library to generate JSON Schema from Scala types


Software Engineering Intern

June 2015 - August 2015

  • Developed online learning platform with Scala.js and Spray
  • Redesigned website with Material Design principles
  • Worked on frontend for student and teacher experiences with Scala.js
  • Explored student-teacher interaction through WebRTC
  • Built custom Docker images for the Drone CI system

I'm working on a lot of projects


A bioinformatics library for Scala (and Scala.js) that lets you treat biological data as collections

Project Euler

Solutions to Project Euler problems in Scala


Generate JSON Schema from Scala classes. Created during my internship at Coursera

Monkey Python

As software lead of Lynbrook Robotics, I created a new functional-reactive-programming architecture for robot control systems.

Hello Collidium!

Writing the Collidium game from scratch with Scala.js

A home automation platform and personal assistant written in Scala

Junky Monkey

JavaScript interpretation, WebSocket servers, and more -- on a robot!

More on GitHub