Hi, I'm Shadaj

I like to code

Shadaj loves to program. He has programmed in Logo, NXT Mindstorms, Ruby, Python, C, Java, and Scala—his favorite. Shadaj hosts his projects on GitHub, and has a channel on Youtube. He has presented at OSCON 2014, Scala Days (2012, 2013, 2014), and the Bay Area Scala Enthusiast group showing his Scala projects. Besides programming, he likes Math and Science. In addition, he is also an active member of his school community and has been Student Body President. Shadaj loves spreading his love of technology and started TechTalks—a program that brings guest speakers to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students at his school. When not doing his school work or programming, he plays the sitar, and games, some of which he created.

I have given a few talks
OSCON 2014 Keynote
The Wonders of Programming
Fun Scala Projects
Project Euler using Scala
Scala Days 2014
Serious Fun with Scala
Video Link
Scala Days 2013
Fun Programming in Scala: Games, Algorithms, and Apps
Scala Days 2012
Making Games and Solving Puzzles in Scala
Video Link
I share code I write

A bioinformatics library for Scala


Generate JSON Schema from Scala classes. Created during my internship at Coursera


A 2D physics game written with Scala.js. Launch a ball and try to get it into the hole!

Project Euler

Solving Project Euler problems with Scala

Sudoku Solver

A sudoku problem solver with Scala


Collect data from Neurosky headsets in Scala

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I've written a few apps

Check out the web-version of the original Collidium game! Made with Scala.js and HTML5.


Do you know words? Test yourself in this Android game made entirely in Scala!

Conway's Game of Life

One of my first desktop apps—an implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Scala.